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Rachel's dynamic workshops allow attendees to engage deeply with a multitude of topics.  See below for a few examples of recent workshops.  If you are interested in bringing any of these workshops to your work place or community please use the contact page to be in touch.

Yoga & Acupuncture

For the first time ever these two ancient healing practices join forces.  This unique treatment was developed to help the body achieve the ultimate state of balance and relaxation.

First, a sequence of yoga postures strengthen and stretch the body with specific healing intentions.  At the end of the yoga practice, during savasana (final resting pose), acupuncture needles are inserted around the ears to release neurotransmitters that further deepen the healing intentions of the session.  You will leave feeling relaxed, yet completely refreshed.

Balancing the Chakras with
Yoga and Essential Oils

In this 2 hour long workshop, students will learn about each chakra while flowing in and out of asanas (yoga postures), using affirmations, chanting, and essential oils to enliven and balance each of our body's energy centers.

Chakra Sadhana

In this 6-week experiential workshop, you will gain in-depth knowledge of how to heal physical and emotional imbalances in relation to the chakra system (our body’s energy centers). Each week we will look at a different chakra and discuss how we are affected mentally and emotionally when the chakra is out of balance. The discussion will be followed by a sequence of yoga postures that will allow us to connect deeply to the physicality of the chosen chakra’s location in the body. You will leave each week feeling spiritually nourished and refreshed. This sadhana will provide insight, connection, and understanding into how to live a fully engaged and abundantly creative life!

6 Weeks to Wellness

6 weeks to Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness


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